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Dodge Trucks

Loud pipes, really save lives.. And you have proved it right by your words. Your description is just amazing, & commendable too.. Keep up the work..

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I have never heard a loud motorcycle coming at me, only passing. So it is not going to stop me from pulling out in front of them, only line of site is. On the highway? Ride defensively, no blind spots. I ride a Harley, when I hear idiots ripping up the road at 2 AM, I cannot stand it. When they ride by my house, I cannot even hear the conversation on the phone. I guess I am getting old. :-)

Paul Woodford

"Loud pipes save lives" may be associated with the Harley-riding crowd, but it isn't an H-D motto.

There's a movement against loud pipes within the motorcycling community. The American Motorcyclist Association even has an official campaign against them. The problem is that as communities and law enforcement impose more and more restrictions on loud motorcycles, riders who persist in replacing stock mufflers with straight pipes only endanger all motorcyclists' right to ride.

Also, there's no data to support the notion that loud pipes actually do save lives, and much anecdotal evidence to suggest that loudness doesn't make a bit of difference - just ask any ambulance driver or fireman how many inattentive drivers routinely fail to hear sirens or see flashing lights.

Loud pipes may get motorists' attention, but only in a negative way (those goddamn bikers!). When a driver with his head up his butt decides to swerve into your lane without looking, it doesn't matter how much noise you're making, he's gonna do it anyway.

eric rossi

Just wait, pretty soon Borla will be making pipes fit for a Prius! I wonder how that 75hp monster would sound?

eric rossi

Just wait, pretty soon Borla will be making pipes fit for a Prius! I wonder how that 75hp monster would sound?

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